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Concert Review:: The Shilohs at Natalie's Coal-Fired Pizza

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Last night, as I’m watching four slightly rumpled guys from Vancouver, BC called the Shilohs, I found myself wondering, what exactly is a Shiloh?  I thought of ‘Til Shiloh, Buju Banton’s 1995 album which embodied a kind of spiritual awakening and move from dancehall to roots reggae for that currently incarcerated Jamacian bad bwoy and then I vaguely recalled a grade school reference to a US Civil War battle.  And wasn’t there a movie in the 80’s about a dog named Shiloh and a boy?  Then I tried to think about how listening to this band makes me feel and connecting these concepts became a bit of a stretch for a one-very-strong-Caipirinha-in Wednesday night.  So, I decided to just enjoy.

The Shilohs are an easy going tight knit pop rock group whose sound is reminiscent of the Beatles with their dual male vocal harmonies and crisp guitar riffs.  Having never heard of them prior to this gig and seeing as how this is a bit out of the musical genre I normally listen to, I had very little expectations for the night.  I was actually more looking forward to trying the pizza at the venue, Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza in Worthington (which by the way did not disappoint).  This group of four 20-something boys from Canada all seem like they really like making music together and they didn’t seem to mind that there were only around a dozen people present.  They are all accomplished musicians and their sound is unapologetically retro which is advantageous by being familiar and fun.  There is a sweetness and endearing quality to this band and they work very well together, carrying the 60’s sound by vocally ringing of Dylan or the Beach Boys.  But be forewarned that their Album title, So Wild, to me, is a bit misleading in that it may not be something that Max (of Where the Wild Things Are fame) would choose to put on when the wild rumpus starts.  Maybe it’s more suited to Max’s journey home, or a pleasant day trip?  The evening was enjoyable, the band was having fun, the venue was very intimate, the food was good, and the music was nice but I’m looking forward to seeing what else the Shilohs can do.  I think that the term Shiloh is used metaphorically to refer to a place of rest.  We all need rest at some point so come to think of it, this band’s moniker may just be apropos.


  • Songwriters Johnny Payne and Michael Komaszczuk do a great job of blending their voices and guitar riffs while drummer Ben Fry and bassist Dan Colussi carried the beats well.  All these guys seemed just so pleasant and happy to play that it was infectious and kept me listening. 
  • Perhaps I’m not with the times or maybe because it was towards the end of their tour but I have to add that they all have really bad haircuts and ill-fitting clothes (is that what the kids do these days?).  They obviously aren’t focusing much on appearance, so the likes of Daft Punk and Andre 3000 can breathe a sigh of relief on this front.  Whew.
  • Natalie’s Coal Fired Pizza is a fairly new venue in Columbus Ohio which actually hosts quite a nice variety of acts both national and regional, Americana, Jazz and Acoustic.  It’s intimate and the food/drink menu and sound system were great and I’m excited to have found another place to see live music.  Check this place out if you can.

Written by:
Kimmy Yo

Photos courtesy of MBMR